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Michka’s food influences span from Tunisia where she was born to France where she was raised to Asia by passion and to West Africa where she has lived for more than 20 years. An endless curiosity about food, a sensitive palate and “la gourmandise” is what characterizes her the most. Every weekend you will find her at the market checking fish freshness, tasting herbs, spices and traditional products, and discussing recipes with everybody.  Go to her place for dinner, and you will always find something broiling, grilling, sizzling, but always made “du jour;” just as her cooking for Trio Toque.

From a young age, Selassie could be found in the kitchen, grinding 'pepe', not too far from her mother's apron strings.  This culinary interest, from her West African roots, has evolved through time spent and meals sampled in the US, Europe, and countless countries in East, West and Southern Africa. ​After years of self-teaching, she completed course work at the Culinary Institute of America and attained Pro Chef 1 Certification.  She strives to use local and sustainable ingredients while elevating African flavor profiles to a new level on the culinary landscape.

Coming from a long line of farmers and small town restaurant owners, it is not surprising that Mattito embraces a farm fresh, rustic and artisanal style when he cooks.  Mattito's passion and his most early cooking experiences come from his mother while his father showed him how to navigate a fiery BBQ;  Mattito’s love of cooking up wonderful dinner parties made a shift from a social cook to a professional cook when he graduated from the ProChef Level 1 program at the Culinary Institute of America in October 2011, and joined Michka and Selassie to open Trio Toque.

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